Who We are

MOOF MEDIA s.r.o. is a full-service Internet solutions provider. We focus mainly on the web, offering the following services: - development and maintenance websites; - web design; - software development; - marketing services; - developing applications for mobile phones connected to the Internet. We currently offer the following secondary services: - e-commerce development; - website renovations and upgrades; - database construction; - CMS installation and support. - application development (i.e. online polling, live-feed audio/video, etc); - Web 2.0 website marketing.


Service Description

Our main service is to develop and design websites. This service helps the customer to give the information about themselves, their business and their products (or services) around the world, enabling it to increase sales, establish contacts with buyers, suppliers, find new partners, etc. We provide an individual approach to each client, elaborate the optimal and the unique functionality and site structure and we create the best design for a particular type of business. In addition, we can provide further marketing support for the ready-made website. At present, promotion of goods and services to the market is impossible without advertising support. The Internet is one of mass media nowadays, so Internet advertising is an effective means of promoting the goods (services) to the market. A good advertising campaign on the Internet can help a client's business to reach a new stage of the development. We can also suggest placing ready-made website, providing it with web-hosting services. That in turn provides a full range of services to final consumers, beginning from layout and design the website, before placing it on the Internet and the advertising campaign for attraction the interested audience just after placing on the web.
We have wide experience in development and maintenance of commercial websites. Based on our experience, developments and projects, we believe that we can offer a unique web service for business owners, in comparison to what is currently available. Among the main services of the company: - websites development and maintenance; - web design; - software development; - Internet marketing services The rate of growth popularity of the Internet and strong demand for web services to small business market only increases and there is no tendency to decrease for today. The main reason for this is that market oriented on high value projects, namely the maintenance of large and medium-sized corporations. From our side, we offer high quality services at affordable prices, due to optimization of costs and use our own exclusive developments. This is profitable for small businesses, since it would open and maintain its representations on the Internet without spending a lot of money.



MOOF MEDIA s.r.o. works exclusively with the industry professionals in the development, design, marketing and support of websites. However, to reduce the overhead of the company and reduce the total cost of the projects we use outsourcing scheme of doing business. We work in a close cooperation with several designers of high level from Russia. Software support will provide the team of professional programmers who we have been working with for several years. Thus well-established framework for cooperation and long-term relationships allow executing clients orders of any complexity timely and on a high-quality level. To place a ready-made website, we cooperate with different hosting providers around the world. Choosing the most suitable for each individual client accommodation, we take into account many factors, such as: size of a website, the number of visitors, confidential information, geographical location of the company and of course price. All these factors allow us to make an individual and a unique set of particular solutions for each client. Maximum optimizing the costs for establishing and maintenance of the website we satisfy all needs of each client.